DSU Scholarship 2023-2024 in Italy: Benefits, Eligibility, and Application Process

By | July 29, 2023

If you want to study in Italy and receive a fully funded Italian scholarship, the DSU scholarship could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step application process for the DSU scholarship, which is a regional need-based fully funded scholarship in Italy. Unlike other scholarships like Edisu, Laziodisco, Ergo, Aliseo, and Ersu, DSU is unique in its approach to document submission, universities, deadlines, and regions.

Benefits of DSU scholarship

The DSU scholarship offers several benefits to its recipients:

  1. 2 Free Meals per Day for a Whole Year: Scholarship holders are entitled to two free meals daily throughout the year.
  2. Fully Covered Tuition Fee: The scholarship fully covers the tuition fee, relieving students of the financial burden.
  3. Hostel Accommodation or Living Expenses Coverage: If you are living outside the DSU residence, the scholarship can cover your hostel accommodation or living expenses.
  4. A Total Sum of 6806 Euros: Depending on whether hostel and two-time meals are provided, the grant amount will be adjusted accordingly.

Who can apply for the DSU scholarship?

The eligibility criteria for the DSU scholarship are as follows:

  1. National & International Students of All Disciplines: Bachelor’s, Masters, and Ph.D. students from all areas and nationalities can apply for the DSU scholarship.
  2. No Age Restrictions: There are no age restrictions for the DSU scholarship. Anyone who has gained admission to an Italian university in a specific region can apply.
  3. Enrollment or Pre-enrollment Requirement: Students should be enrolled or at least finish the pre-enrollment process before applying for the DSU scholarship.
  4. No IELTS or Entry Test Required: Unlike some other scholarships, DSU does not require IELTS, experience letters, or any kind of entry test.
  5. Income Requirement: The applicant’s income must be less than 25,000 euros per annum to be eligible. The less the income, the more benefits they will receive.
  6. Merit Requirement (2nd Year Only): In the second year, the scholarship also considers the applicant’s merit.

Please note that Ph.D. students are only eligible if they are not beneficiaries or receiving other research funds.

DSU Scholarship 2023-2024

Who can’t apply for DSU scholarship?

Certain applicants are not eligible for the DSU scholarship:

  • Applicants who are already benefiting from another scholarship or fund from any public or private institution.
  • Students who are repeating the year or enrolled on a part-time basis.
  • Applicants who fail to submit their documents before the deadline.
  • Applicants who submit false or misleading documents.
  • Applicants who already hold a degree awarded in Italy that is equal to or higher than the program for which the grant is requested.

Remember that applicants can only apply once a year.


ISEEOn-site studentsCommuting studentsOff-site students
from € 0 to € 12,500.00€ 2236, 1 free meal a day€ 3624, 1 free meal a day€ 3056, 2 free meals a day and free place in accommodation
from € 12,500.01 to € 16,666.66€ 1833, 1 free meal a day€ 3040, 1 free meal a day€ 2057, 2 free meals a day and free place in accommodation
from € 16,666.67 to € 25,000.00€ 1650, 1 free meal a day€ 2280, 1 free meal a day€ 1234, 2 free meals a day and free place in accommodation
Note: The amount of the DSU scholarship varies based on the applicant’s ISEE value, with different benefits provided for on-site, commuting, and off-site students.

ISEE breakdown for autonomous students

ISEEOn-site and Commuting Autonomous studentsOff-site Autonomous students
from € 0 to € 12,500.00€ 6806, 1 free meal a day€ 3056, 2 free meals a day and free place in accommodation
from € 12,500.01 to € 16,666.66€ 5807, 1 free meal a day€ 2057, 2 free meals a day and free place in accommodation
from € 16,666.67 to € 25,000.00€ 4984, 1 free meal a day€ 1234, 2 free meals a day and free place in accommodation

Which documents are required for the DSU scholarship?

To apply for the DSU scholarship, you will need the following documents:

Family Income Certificate for DSU Scholarship

This certificate should contain the full names, occupations, ages, and individual incomes of your family members. Ensure that the income certificate is from the last calendar year (January to December 2022). If you are from Pakistan or India, you need to verify the certificate from the respective authorities. Other countries should verify their income certificates from their local authorities and the Italian embassy. Additionally, the income certificate must be translated into Italian.

Bank Certificate for DSU Scholarship

Provide bank certificates for each family member. In case of unemployment, student status, or retirement, provide appropriate evidence for those documents (e.g., retirement letter). Bank statements should be from the year 2022.

Property Certificate for DSU Scholarship

This certificate should detail all property owned by your family. If you are living in a rented home, make sure to mention that as well. In Pakistan, this document must be legalized and made by the Tehsildar or in the DC (Deputy Commissioner) office. The document should also be from the year 2022.

FRC (Family Registration Certificate)/Family Composition Certificate

The FRC is only required for Pakistani applicants, while other countries like India may need a family composition certificate. International students should inquire with their respective authorities for specific requirements.

Codice Fiscale

The Codice Fiscale is an alphanumeric code made up of 16 characters and serves as a tax code. Applicants must obtain their Codice Fiscale before proceeding with the DSU scholarship application.

ISEE Parificato

This certificate evaluates your income and property information from abroad to determine your eligibility for the scholarship. Applicants will obtain this certificate in Italy from The CAF office (Authorized Center for Fiscal Assistance).


Your passport must be valid for at least one year.

Italian Translation

All the documents, except for the bank certificate, should be apostilled, translated, and legalized by the Italian embassy.

University Admission Letter (Pre-Enrollment Letter):

The pre-enrollment letter serves as proof that you are already pre-enrolled as an international student in the university. DSU has a separate deadline from university enrollment, so applicants can apply for the DSU scholarship even if they are not yet fully registered or admitted.

DOV (Declaration of Value)/CIMEA/Self-declaration

The DOV is a descriptive document detailing the qualifications awarded to a person by any institution other than the Italian education system. In case the DOV and CIMEA are not available, applicants can upload a self-declaration stating their eligibility for the course. This document will be given at the time of admission by the Regional Authentication Centre or the Department of Education of the country where the qualification was awarded.

All the documents should be from the last year and legalized by their respective authorities, according to your country. Additionally, all documents should be translated into Italian.

How to apply for DSU scholarship?

Now that you have all the necessary documents, follow these steps to apply for the DSU scholarship:

Step #1: Check the Regional Scholarship

Visit your university’s official website to determine which regional scholarships they offer. Check under the “scholarship option for international students” to find out if DSU or other Italian regional scholarships like Edisu, Laziodisco, Ersu, Ergo, Aliseo, etc., are available.

For example, if you are attending the University of Pisa (UNIPI), go to the “UNIPI OFFICIAL WEBSITE” > Study > Fees and Grants > DSU Scholarship. You can find relevant information about DSU scholarships on the university’s website.

Step #2: Prepare the Set of Documents

Gather all the documents discussed in this guide, ensuring that you carefully read the criteria for each document. Remember that you only need the essential documents, such as the income certificate, property certificate, bank statement, family details certificate (FRC), and passport copy. Additional documents may be required depending on the specific requirements of the DSU scholarship.

Step #3: Fill & Submit the Application

Go to the “DSU Toscana website” > “Borse e contributi” > “Borsa di studio” > “Sportello studente” > “Registrazione” to access the application form. If the website offers an English translation, feel free to use it to make the process easier.

Step #4: Print & Verification

After completing the application, print out the receipt provided at the end of the application. Attach the required documents in their original form and send them to the respective country consulates in Italy for Italian language translation and verification. The consulates will also affix a “Revenue stamp” (Marca da bollo) on the documents.

Pakistani applicants should send their documents to the Pakistani embassy in Milan for verification, while other applicants should send them to their respective embassies in Italy.

Step #5: Send It to the Registered Addresses

After verification, send the translated and verified documents to one of the following addresses, depending on your university:

  • Florence: ARDSU Toscana – Servizio Interventi Monetari, Viale Gramsci, 36 – 50132 Firenze.
  • Pisa: ARDSU Toscana – Servizio Interventi Monetari, Piazza Cavalieri, 6 – 56126 Pisa.
  • Siena: ARDSU Toscana – Servizio Interventi Monetari, Via Paolo Mascagni, 53 – 53100 Siena.

Step #6: ISEE Parificato & Final Ranking

The offices mentioned above will create ISEE Parificato based on the applicant’s income and documentation provided. Now, all that’s left to do is wait for the final ranking.

Unlike Edisu, applicants do not need to visit CAF offices to complete this step; simply send the documents to the addresses mentioned above.

What are the deadlines for the DSU scholarship?

The deadline for submitting the DSU scholarship (Tuscany) for the 2023-2024 academic year is 1:00 pm on 6th September 2023 (Italian time) for students enrolled or intending to enroll in three-year, master’s, and single-cycle degree courses. For students enrolled in doctoral and specialization courses, the deadline is from 25th September to 13:00 on 15th November 2023.

The final ranking for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs will be published on 30th November 2023, and for Ph.D. and specialization courses, the deadline is 15th January 2024.

Generally, this scholarship opens every year in May-June, and the deadline is usually in August or September.

Universities under DSU Scholarship

Several universities in Italy offer the DSU scholarship, including:

  1. Università di Pisa (UNIPI)
  2. Università di Siena (UNISI)
  3. University of Florence (UNIFI)
  4. Polytechnic University of Milan (POLIMI)
  5. University of Milan (UNIMI)


The DSU scholarship is an excellent opportunity for both national and international students to study in Italy with full financial support. This fully funded Italian regional scholarship covers tuition fees, provides free meals, and offers accommodation or living expense coverage. To apply for the DSU scholarship, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and have all the necessary documents in order. Submit your application before the deadline, and follow the step-by-step process to increase your chances of securing this prestigious scholarship.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting educational journey in Italy? Don’t miss the chance to apply for the DSU scholarship and pursue your academic dreams in one of Europe’s most culturally rich and academically renowned countries.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can international students apply for the DSU scholarship?

Yes, international students can apply for the DSU scholarship. The scholarship is open to bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. students from all disciplines and nationalities.

Can applicants apply for the DSU scholarship more than once a year?

No, applicants can only apply for the DSU scholarship once a year.

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